Discover the 3 patient phenotypes

Discover 3 typical patient phenotypes: these hypertensive patients presenting with different symptoms (heart failure, arrythmia and renal insufficiency) will be discussed throughout Course sessions. This week, Patient #2 with arrhythmia is revealed!

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"Percutaneous renal denervation in a drug-naive patient with multiple intolerances to antihypertensive agents reduced office and ambulatory blood pressure" Discover this new case and say how you would treat.

3 patient phenotypes

Special focus of this year’s event will be the identification and prevention of Target Organ Damage. 3 typical patients will be discussed during Course sessions. These hypertensive patients are presenting with different symptoms: heart failure, atrial fibrillation and renal insufficiency.


Discover more about Patient #1 on 17th January, Patient #2 on 24th January and Patient #3 on 31st January.

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On upcoming Clinical Consensus Conference on RDN on 9th December 2015!

Atul Pathak shares his thoughts about the resistant hypertension topic discussed during EuroPCR 2014