Dear Colleagues, 

During the year-end holidays, we were very pleased to receive the renewed endorsement of the German Hypertension League (Deutsche Hochdruckliga e.V. DHL® - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hypertonie und Prävention), whose objectives and tasks are shared below. 

Around 35 million German people have high blood pressure. Half of those are not correctly controlled for multiple reasons.

The German Hypertension League is committed to ensuring that patients suffering from this pathology learn of their illness and reach their targeted blood pressures. Hypertension information is provided and kept up-to-date so that all interesting parties can remain well informed: high-blood pressure patients, doctors, scientists, pharmacists and journalists. The dialogue between interested stakeholders provides for open and interesting discussions.

The viewpoint of the German Hypertension League blends with the Resistant Hypertension Course philosophy and objective to provide a unique forum of open exchange between all healthcare professionals and other parties, caring for the difficult to control hypertensive patients.

We are thankful to the German Hypertension League for their continued support, facilitated by Prof. Kintscher, and look forward to being in Berlin, in a few weeks.  

Come and join us in continued debates, discussions, interrogations and clarifications.

With kind regards,

Felix M. & Konstantinos T.

Felix Mahfoud


Konstantinos Tsioufis

RHC Course Chairman  

RHC Course Chairman

on behalf of the Resistant Hypertension Course Scientific Board


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