Dear Colleagues, 

Joining us in Berlin this year is our new challenging, defiant and unconvinced colleague, DR. DOUBT, the RHC Devil Out of The Box.  

DR. DOUBT will express controversial opinions, in order to instigate debates or test the strength of the opposing arguments, always looking for challenges and gaps of knowledge. In taking a thought-provoking position, DR. DOUBT will take on the devil's advocate role and seek to engage us in a stimulating and bold discussion process.

We look forward to having you meet DR. DOUBT in Berlin, during the upcoming Resistant Hypertension Course 2014 and we invite you to discover the latest updates on the scientific programme. Join us!

With kind regards,

Felix M. & Konstantinos T.

Felix Mahfoud


Konstantinos Tsioufis

RHC Course Chairman  

RHC Course Chairman

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