First objective 

Dear Colleagues,

The Resistant Hypertension Course Board is pleased to share with you the Preliminary Programme of RHC 2014, to be held in Berlin, in 2 months.

The course objectives of the Course are:

  • To identify the different steps and diagnostic tools that can and do influence our decision-making process.
  • To determine the most appropriate decision-making process to provide the “essentials” to optimally manage a difficult to control hypertensive patient.
  • To discuss the appropriate selection process for various non-interventional therapies and novel interventional techniques

Supporting our first objective a complete session is dedicated to reviewing a step-by-step diagnosis process.  

This Course section will include various modalities available to measure blood pressure, along with their pro’s and con’s.  It will take you from blood pressure measurement to patient examination, through risk assessment, culminating with drug adherence consideration. Very dynamic and interactive sessions await you!

Stay tuned on the website to learn more about the two other objectives.

In the meantime, we take the liberty to wish you and your loved ones a happy upcoming holiday season, and till soon, in the new year.  We look forward to seeing you in Berlin, next February, for what promises to be stimulating and thought-provoking Course.  

With kind regards,

Felix Mahfoud, Costas Tsioufis
RHC Course Chairpersons

Felix M. & Konstantinos T.

Felix Mahfoud


Konstantinos Tsioufis

RHC Course Chairman  

RHC Course Chairman

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