Course concept

Course objectives

Reflecting together on knowledge and sharing experience,

  • To better understand what “resistant essential hypertension” is and how the step-by-step logical pathway allows to conclude on this diagnosis and why new treatment options are legitimate;
  • To better understand which patients are currently considered as optimal candidates for catheter-based renal sympathetic denervation or other technologies, and what are the current, relative or absolute contra-indications;
  • To better understand what could be the future clinical developments, taking into consideration a precautionary attitude;
  • To get a practical overview of current catheter-based renal sympathetic denervation or other available techniques and technologies and to understand the tips and hints for a successful intervention.

Target audience

  • Physicians who take care of hypertensive patients
  • Physicians who perform interventional procedures
  • Healthcare providers

A unique course

Created by and for the whole community involved in the management of resistant hypertensive patients.

A distinctive format

  • A continuum, from a dedicated website to a very interactive meeting, aiming to answer the key question: “What is the best management and technical strategy for each individual patient presenting with resistant hypertension?”
  • Open-minded and interactive discussions with participants around individual patient cases, presented in a unique practical format, with underlying logical reasoning path, from the GP's clinical practice to the expert team's consensus
  • Clear data-based synthesis
  • Credibility and integrity in reaching consensus
  • Sharing participants experience, practical tips and hints along with key messages, around Live in-a-Box®, recorded in one European Excellence Centre 

Built from expertise in post-graduate learning, based on PCR experience.