RHC 2014 - Spotlight on the day 3 by Benjamin Honton!

Last day but not least!  The 3 rd  day of the Resistant Hypertension Course looks forward to the future

Morning sessions summed up in a practical and educational pattern the knowledge about different CE marked devices used for renal denervation. With the  support of educational tools such as Live in-a-Box®, case-based discussions, hands-on tutorials, these sessions aimed to present preclinical and clinical data, technical features and how to manipulate each catheter with a live demonstration on stage. Driven by Sebastian Ewen, this interactive session showed all the features that practionners need to know in order to correctly use these various devices.  

Top lectures by Thomas Lüscher and Christian Ukena completed the session by bringing some crucial inform ation on the periprocedural management of patients.

Joost Daemen reported the first radial approach with the Recor Paradise device while Felix Mahfoud provided informations on the newly launched irrigated Cordis Catheter for renal denervation.

But the CoreTeam definitely looked into the future. Felix Mahfoud summarized the latest ongoing development techniques in the field of renal denervation. The final lecture by Ajay Kirtane from New York raised hopes and sunny perspectives  for neural modulation in cardiovascular management.

The congress closed as it started: in a friendly and interactive spirit with kind  words from both Chairmen Felix Mahfoud and Kostantinos Tsioufis.

  “Rendez-vous” in Berlin next year!




Benjamin Honton


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