RHC 2014 - Second day overview by Dr. Honton

This second day continued by the use of the “fil rouge”, our three characteristic patients. The first session focused on how to tailor and personalise the management of our three phenotypes of hypertensive patients.

Led by K. Tsioufis, assisted by M. Ntsekhe and F. Sharif, this interactive session on “ how to personalise combination therapy” provided practical information for management of these different patients.

R. Schmieder emphasized the role of calcium channel blockers as the cornerstone of therapy in the elderly. Despite their high salt sensitivity making an exposure to diuretic logic, the benefit risk ratio of CCB appears more important.  Pr. Ruilope focused on metabolic patients that could benefit from renin angiotensin blockers. Finally, Pr. M. Schlaich underlined the major role of the sympathetic system in in young adrenergic hypertensive patient. In this setting, the role of RAS blockers but also central sympatholytic or beta blockers have been thoroughly discussed.

The afternoon sessions led by J. Rademacher, M. Nteskhe and G.-P. Rossi, focused on the screening and diagnosis of secondary hypertension. An innovative approach was the educational live of duplex renal US by T. Zeller showing how and when to use this diagnostic tool. Pr. Rademacher emphasized the recent results of the CORAL study showing no clinical benefit on CV event of renal atherosclerotic stenosis stenting.  

Finally, in fully crowded arena, the session about personalised research of secondary cause of hypertension was a great success with a valuable and practical session. Each speaker showed how to personalise a secondary hypertension screening process regarding the phenotype of the patient. For example, obstructive sleep apnoea should be ruled out for every metabolic patient with resistant hypertension even though primary hyperaldosteronism is not rare in young adrenergic patient.

The RHClub session provided a lot of information on a more interactive way due to the setting, allowing a direct and friendly access to expert in a comfortable lounge. Participants had the opportunity to discuss their own experiences. H. Sievert and T. Zeller gave very useful tips and tricks for “challenges and complications procedures “while M. Lobo and K. Tsioufis underlined the role of lack of observance and drugs’ intolerance in their daily practice.

A busy and interesting day! Management of a personalised resistant hypertension patient is definitely at the heart of this meeting!


Benjamin Honton

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