When the Resistant Hypertension Course website was created eighteen months ago, we announced that…

“This is not a website, it's an open debating forum..."

to initiate a debate and change the way we learn; we need openness, real experiences and YOUR opinion. Experience the web, watch the videos, read the articles and express your thoughts and comments, this web platform is yours! If you're ready for a sharing/learning (r)evolution, then let's evolve together!

Interactivity, Innovation, Learning through Exchange are the key words and spirit of this website. We are very pleased to shortly propose new and exciting content sections, which you will discover very soon!

Just VOICE it!

RHC voice   The VOICE of RHC will provide new information, via clinical cases, literature reviews, recommendations, positions and opinions.
Free voice  

The FREE VOICE, your voice, will drive interaction and communication through sharing, comments, debates, questions, spontaneous actions and/or reactions to anything posted.

Created BY and FOR you.

  The VOICE of the RHCourses will relay general information on upcoming events.

We look forward to listening to your VOICE and to staying in touch with the medical community caring for the difficult to control hypersensitive patient.


Pathak A



Atul Pathak

RHC Programme Committee and RHCOURSEONLINE Coordinator